Pope Rabbitry is the #1 New Zealand rabbit provider for farms and small homesteads in Georgia. We reside in Homer, Georgia located in Banks County, in the heart of NE Georgia. We operate an 11-acre farm that houses animals such as: kunekune pigs, bronze turkeys, rabbits and various breeds of chickens. At Pope Rabbitry, we specialize in raising and breeding New Zealand rabbits for your homestead needs. We raise various colors, such as: white, black, grey, blue, broken seal, broken blue and agouti. In addition, we also raise Holland Lop/New Zealand cross rabbits in a variety of different colors and patterns. 

Our rabbits receive continuous hands-on care from birth until adopted by their new family. Our rabbits each live in colony systems, with over 300+ sq ft, which gives them lots of space to live freely. The kits (baby rabbits) remain with their mothers in the colony until they reach 6-8 weeks of age, and then they are moved to grow-out hutches until moving to their new homes. 

Our New Zealand rabbits are the perfect meat rabbit for your homestead needs. Our rabbits reach 5lbs (a perfect fryer size) at 8 to 10 weeks of age, and reach a mature weight of 8-12 lbs. With a short 30-day gestation period, having a buck and two doe's can net your family upwards of 1200 lbs. of meat per year! While we would like to serve every family that reaches out to us for rabbits, we believe in the ethical raising and breeding of our doe's; therefore, we only breed 3 doe's at a time (with an average of 20 rabbits a month) and we give them 2 months off before breeding another litter.

Our rabbitry is a "U-Pick" rabbitry. All of our rabbits are $40, and with that you receive the rabbit, a transitional bag of food (complete nutrition alfalfa pellets) and a 48-hour health guarantee. In addition, you can always feel free to contact us in the future for any questions that may arise in the raising your rabbits. Our main mission here at Pope Rabbitry is to help other families develop a more sustainable, ethical means of raising food for their families.

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