We are a humble family that challenged ourselves to create a new beginning, and start a new family adventure. After retirement from the United States Air Force, our family made the decision to pack all of our belongings, move 2,400 miles cross-country, and purchased a hobby farm. Brian discovered early on that raising rabbits provided him with tremendous therapeutic value, and shortly thereafter, found that many other homesteads in Georgia wanted to incorporate rabbits into their stock. This gave Brian the opportunity to study extensively on raising/breeding rabbits and Pope Rabbitry was created. Our goal at Pope Rabbitry is to not only provide you with the best breeding pairs available, but to help educate rabbit owners on some key elements of rabbit ownership.




Pope Rabbitry is a 5-star rated rabbitry located in the heart of NE Georgia, residing in Banks County. Founded in 2019, Pope Rabbitry started from the humble beginnings of raising 3 rabbits and learning about the ecological benefits of our rabbits and how to best incorporate them into the farm. The initial goal of raising rabbits was for our family to become more self-sustainable, and while we found that our 3 rabbits fit our families needs, we discovered that there was an unmet demand for quality meat rabbits in our area. While we would love to expand further to meet the overwhelming demand, we wholeheartedly believe in maintaining the best quality-of-life for our rabbits, so we breed no more than 3 rabbits per cycle.

While visiting Pope Rabbity, you will interact with our other animals, such as: chickens, Black Angus cows, donkeys, KuneKune pigs, and the mascot of the farm "George", a beautiful Bronze Turkey.



At Pope Rabbitry we specialize is cross-breeding New Zealand White rabbits, which are known for their size (8-12 lbs.) and we cross them with a Lop variety, which are known for their great temperament. The result gives you an amazing 6-10 lb. rabbit that can produce 300+ lbs. of meat, per rabbit, per year. 

In addition, we raise our kits with their moms, in a colony system, for the first 6 weeks of their lives (NEVER BUY A RABBIT AT 4 WEEKS AT PET SHOPS) and ensure that at 6 weeks they are separated by sex, then receive hands-on care every day until they go to a new home. This ensures that you receive a quality rabbit that you can handle in a safe manner for your homestead.

Finally, we exclusively feed our rabbits "Nature Crest" complete feed food. This includes all of a rabbits required nutrients, pre/probiotics and is a 100% NON-GMO feed. When purchasing a breeding pair from Pope Rabbitry, we are confident that you are receiving a high quality, healthy pair of rabbits.