I REALLY want one of your New Zealand Rabbits; how do I purchase one?


First and foremost, we are not a large scale producer of rabbits. We only breed, at most, three of our doe's at a time. This is to ensure the health and wellness of our bunnies, as well as the adults, are given #1 priority. We have a schedule of breeding that ensures that litters are never overlapped to an unmanageable scale. Our doe's are raised in large 13'x8' horse stalls that mimic a natural environment for them. After they give birth, they live with their kits until they reach 8-weeks of age, and then the litter will be separated by sex and moved into grow-out hutches where they will be available for purchase.


How much do your New Zealand bunnies cost?

All of our rabbits are always $40 each. This cost includes the rabbit, a transitional bag of food (alfalfa pellets and timothy hay) and a 48-hour health guarantee. 


Should I purchase a Doe or a Buck? Does my rabbit need a friend?

You will find comfort in choice in choosing a doe or a buck. Generally, we haven't experienced a significant difference between sexes when it comes to the quality of their temperament

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are actually perfectly fine being the only rabbit in the family. They have a greater tendency to bond with their human companions if there is not another rabbit living with them. Rabbits can also be territorial animals, and they prefer having their own cage and area to live in.

If you are getting rabbits to breed, our normal pairing is 1 buck and 1 doe. Our bucks and doe's will not be direct sibling related. 

How big will my rabbit get?

Our New Zealand rabbits reach 5 lbs. at fryer age (8-weeks) and will reach between 9-12 lbs. at a mature weight.

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