Pope Rabbitry - Sales Policy

To ensure the best possible care for our rabbits and the protection and satisfaction of both parties, we have put the following guidelines in place. Please familiarize yourself with our sales policy before seeking to purchase a rabbit…

- We do not sell any rabbits under 8 weeks old.

- All rabbits for sale are in excellent health and are free from congenital defects.

- Our rabbits are sold on a reservation based system. We accept cash, Venmo or Paypal for forms of payment. With your purchase, you will receive the rabbit, a transitional bag of food (alfalfa pellets and timothy hay) and a 48-hour health guarantee. 

- For the 48-hour health guarantee, if your rabbit becomes sick or dies during the first 48 hours, you can return it to us for a full refund or replacement. Please notify us immediately by phone or e-mail if this is the case. We cannot be held responsible for problems that arise after 48 hours, though we will work with you to help and offer assistance. Health guarantees are only valid if the rabbit is held in quarantine or is an only animal. We suggest a minimum of 10-days quarantine before introducing your rabbit to other animals.  

- We do not ship rabbits. They must be picked up at our farm, Pope Rabbitry.


- A reservation time in our system DOES NOT guarantee you a rabbit. Nature dictates how many bucks and doe's we have with each litter. We then decide what rabbits pair best with each other. We will start to gather order information approximately 2-3 days prior to pick-up day to finalize order requests. If you do not receive rabbits in this cycle, you ARE NOT automatically moved to the next waiting list.

- Rabbits must be paid in full before leaving our care. We accept cash, Venmo or Paypal at the time of purchase. 

- Youth under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at the time of purchase. You will be given basic instructions on handling, feeding, and nail trimming at pick-up. Bring a carrier or box with ventilation holes to transport your rabbit home.

- You, as the buyer, are responsible to care for your rabbit(s) after purchase. This means that you will provide each rabbit with a clean cage/hutch, fresh food and water daily, regular nail trimming, and provide appropriate attention and exercise.

- If you are no longer able to care for a rabbit purchased from us, we will gladly take it back if we have cage space available. No refund will be given. You can donate the cage/hutch back with the rabbit to increase the likelihood of it finding a new home.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We know you will be delighted with our beautiful rabbits and look forward to working with you to make your rabbit-keeping adventure a success!


Pope Rabbitry 2020 Breeding Season has come to an end. Please visit us in April 2021 to reserve your next breeding pairs.

Pope Rabbitry does still have Lionhead, Holland Lop/New Zealand Cross and New Zealand rabbits available for Christmas. Reserve your spot today!


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Lionhead Buck


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